How to Publish Your eBook Worldwide AT NO COST: My 1 Month Experience

I know you spent a lot of effort, labor and dreams while writing your book, because I have been through it too.

As a result of my research, I thought Amazon KDP was the most logical place for me and I published my books there.

Then I looked at the reports and saw that my books were downloaded and read.

I said to myself that if my books are being downloaded and read, why shouldn’t I reach more audiences?

Then I did some more research and discovered a distribution network.

I looked at its features.

They don’t charge you anything for uploading books.

This was a great offer for people like me who were just starting to write.

I immediately registered on the site, entered my tax information and my account was active in less than a week.

And the journey begins.

The name of the distribution site is Draft 2 Digital

Before I tell you more about Draft 2 Digital, let me briefly describe my experience and then let’s move on to this distribution site.

In 1 month I uploaded 4 English books to this site, as you can see in the first image.

Then I translated these 4 English books into German, French and Spanish to further expand my audience. In total, I have 16 books from 4 languages 4 books.

After the uploads, I realized that my book was published in America, Japan, Spain, Spain, France, Germany, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Denmark, wherever you can think of.

I liked this very much.

When I looked at the reports, I saw that it was sold in Germany 2 times in a short time, that is, before 1 month.

I earned 3.86 dollars from these 2 books.

As you can see, you can still make money online.

It’s time to go into detail about Draft 2 Digital

What is Draft 2 Digital?

Draft2Digital (also abbreviated as D2D) is a platform that helps authors distribute their ebooks and print books to major online retailers.

Web Address


Wide Distribution Network


Apple Books

Barnes & Noble

Kobo (including Kobo Plus)

Smashwords Store





Baker & Taylor





Palace Marketplace


Formatting support

It allows you to easily convert and format your files for different e-book formats.

Printed Book Option

The “Print-on-Demand” system allows you to distribute your printed books as well.

User Friendly Interface

It offers drag-and-drop file uploads, clear reporting tools and ease of use.

Support for Writers

A comprehensive help section provides answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) and resources to help authors.

Single Platform Convenience

One place to manage all your e-book distribution instead of dealing with multiple retailers individually.

Time Saving

It streamlines the formatting and publishing process, giving you more time to focus on your writing.

Wide Access

The potential to bring your book to a global readership through a wide distribution network.

Fast Broadcast

It helps your books to get to market quickly.


Draft2Digital does not receive royalties for your books.

Instead, it generates revenue from each sale on a set commission.

Who Should Join Draft2Digital?

Authors who want to bring their e-books to a wider audience.

Independent authors who want to reduce the complexity of the distribution process.

Those who also want to take advantage of the printed book option.

How to Publish with Draft2Digital

Draft2Digital gives you a fast, easy way to self-publish.

We’ll handle the formatting. You set the price of your books, get monthly payments, and see daily reports of your book sales.

We make it all work with 24-hour support and dedicated customer service. We keep 10% of the sales price, and our authors keep 100% of their rights.

What’s the catch? There isn’t one.

If you’ve already published your book through another distributor, you can still use Draft2Digital to expand your reach and simplify your project maintenance for all other sales channels.

Step 1: Set Up Your Account

There’s no upfront cost and no risk to you.

When you sign up for an account, we’ll need a couple of basic pieces of information:



Sales categories

Search terms

Our interface is easy to use, so getting set up only takes a couple of minutes. Forget trying to learn the quirks of each sales outlet and duplicating your effort across multiple channels. We give you one simple place where you can get it all done and make changes at any time, free of charge.

Step 2: Upload Your Manuscript

All you need to get started is a Word document (.doc or .docx format), RTF, or any other file type

Word can read. We don’t have a style guide or any special formatting requirements.

Unless you already have one you like, skip the title page and copyright page. Just give us the story, and we’ll make them for you.

Mark your chapter breaks with something distinctive, and be consistent. Make it centered and bold, or larger font, or use a Heading style.

Set apart your chapter titles, and we’ll do our best to recognize them.

If you have cover art, upload that too. A 1600×2400 JPEG works best, but any tall rectangle will do.

We’ll resize whatever you send to meet the requirements of your chosen sales channels.

That’s it!

From there, we’ll make sure your book gets a working Table of Contents and page breaks between chapters.

We also generate custom endmatter like About the Author and Teaser pages. We guarantee that anything we produce will pass Epubcheck, meaning it meets the technical standards for all of our digital stores.

Our conversion process creates a beautiful epub and you’ll be able to download a mobi file for Kindle reading too.

Your ebook may look a little different from the original document you uploaded. Our goal is to make your story look as good as possible on the devices readers use.

If you have an expertly-formatted epub of your own, that’s cool too. We won’t make any changes, but we’ll gladly distribute it to all our digital stores for you.

The process really is this easy, and our Customer Support team is here to help if you have questions at any time.

Step 3: Choose Your Vendors

Draft2Digital will get your book listed just as fast as going direct, and we support some of the largest sales channels:


Apple Books

Barnes & Noble

Kobo (including Kobo Plus)





Baker & Taylor





Palace Marketplace

and we’re working on adding more!

Instead of maintaining author profiles, sales descriptions, book versions, and series titles on all of those different accounts, we give you one easy place to maintain the information and make updates.

Turning any of the sales channels on or off is as easy as clicking a checkbox. If you’d like to see support for a sales channel not mentioned above, let us know at

We’ll automatically assign an ISBN to any book published through our system unless you provide one of your own.

It’s a free service we provide because ISBNs allow us to distribute your book to more channels, and you don’t have to forfeit any of your rights. That’s good for you and good for us!

If you already have the sales details ready for your next release (most importantly a firm release date), you can even set up preorders through Draft2Digital for all of our most popular sales channels.

It’s a great way to build interest and boost your sales rank on release day.

We can also create paperbacks for any books generated through our conversion service (that is, everything except pre-formatted epub uploads).

You can use these files for distribution through CreateSpace or any other print-on-demand service you choose.

Step 4: Set Your List Price

When you publish a book, you’ll enter a Digital Book Price (in US dollars). The list price is up to you!

We will direct our digital stores to sell your book at the list price you provided.

Want to list your book for free?

No problem.

Choose a list price of $0.00 on the publishing page, and we’ll make it happen.

If you decide to change your book’s price at any time (either temporarily or for good), just go back into our portal and make your adjustment. We’ll ensure that information gets updated with all of your vendors.

Step 5: Manage And Track

Our goal is to take the headache out of publishing your book and managing it once it’s out there. We give you one easy place to take care of business and track your success.

Manage changes.

If you need to make any changes — whether it’s to the body text, the product description, or just tweaking the price for a weekend promotion — Draft2Digital will push the changes through immediately at no charge to you.

See reports.

We provide constant access to up-to-date sales reports for all of your vendors. We always post your sales numbers as soon as they’re available.

And we make analysis easy by providing you all of your sales data in dynamic charts instead of in long, complicated spreadsheets.

Get paid.

Draft2Digital pays monthly, with a minimum payment threshold ($100 for checks, $20 for Payoneer, $10 for international direct deposit, and $0 for all other digital payments).

Once we receive your royalty payment — usually 30–90 days after sales occur — we’ll subtract our 10% and send the rest on to you. See our pricing information for more details.

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