How to Publish Your Audiobook Worldwide AT NO COST: My 3-Week Experience

I know that you put a lot of labor, effort and dreams into producing your Audiobook, because I went through it myself.

I did some research and discovered a distribution network.

I looked at its features.

They don’t charge you anything to upload an audiobook.

This was a great offer for people like me who are just starting out.

I immediately signed up, entered my tax information and my account was active in less than a week.

And the journey began.

The distribution site is called Findaway Voices by Spotify

Before I tell you more about Findaway Voices by Spotify , let me briefly describe my experience and then let’s move on to this distribution site.

As you can see in the first image, I uploaded 4 English audiobooks to this site in 1 week.

I then translated these 4 English books into German, French and Spanish to expand my audience even more. In total, I have 16 audiobooks, 4 audiobooks in 4 languages.

After the uploads, I realized that my book was published in America, Japan, Spain, France, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Denmark, everywhere you can think of.

I liked this very much.

Sold Report

When I looked at the reports, I saw that in a short period of time, in less than 2 weeks, it was sold 1 time in America, in a library in America.

This shows that audiobooks are everywhere and there will be a lot of sales in less than a year.

You’re explaining it well, but what is this?

Findaway Voices by Spotify

Be everywhere with
global distribution.

Findaway Voices by Spotify is one of the world’s largest audiobook distributors. Access a global listening world through our retail and library partners, from major brands to emerging startups.

Maximize your retail royalties with Spotify

With no distribution fee, you keep all of your royalties with your retail sales on Spotify.

Take control of your audiobook distribution

Choose your audiobook retail outlets and precisely set both retail and library prices.

Get more with smart audiobook pricing & promotions

Use our tools to price and run tailored campaigns. And if you are using Kickstarter to fund your next audiobook project, you can do so through free Spotify redemption codes.

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