2024 Caa Drone Theory Test 40 Questions Answers

Question 1

Li is out flying his drone when a hang-glider suddenly appears over the brow of a hill. He comes very close to colliding with the hang-glider, but just about manages to drop to a safe height. What must he do following the near-miss? Answer – Report the near-miss to the civil aviation authority

Question 2

Pascal owns a large farm.
He sometimes uses a drone to transport items to his farm workers.
One of the farmworkers calls and asks Pascal to use the drone to send over a bottle of chemical cleaning fluid.
Can Pascal do this? Answer – No, because you must never use your drone or model aircraft to carry dangerous material.

Question 3

Denise is at the coast and wants to fly her 245g drone out to sea and back over the beach.
It’s a busy bank holiday weekend and the beach is full.
Is she allowed to do this? Answer – No, because the beach is crowded, and you must never fly over crowds.


Question 4

Three friends have hiked up a hill that’s 50m high.
They’re standing at the top of the hill and deciding how high they can fly their drones.
Which of them is right? Answer – Elias says: “We can fly up to 120m from the closest point of the surface of the earth.”

Question 5

Sangeetha wants to use her drone to record a cycle race.
She plans to fly above the race to get some dramatic footage as the cyclists pass.
 Is she allowed to do this? Answer – No, because the cyclists wouldn’t be able to move out of the way if something happened to Sangeetha’s drone.

Question 6

Which of the following statements are correct? Answer – Being fit and safe to fly means never flying under the influence of drink, drugs or medicine, or when you’re tired or unwell.

Question 7

Three friends are talking about how they watch their drones when out flying on their own. Answer – Christina says she doesn’t use a screen and simply watches her drone because that way she gets the best view of everything in the sky.

Question 8

What must you never do without permission from an airport? Answer – Fly in the airport’s flight restriction zone.

Question 9

Anna has two children. Dan is 11 and Ethan is 15.
The children own a 500g drone, which they both fly. Anna never goes flying.
Which of the following is correct? Answer – Both children will need to get a flyer ID. Anna will need to register for an operator ID.

Question 10

Hannah and Sofia are out flying with some friends who all want an aerial photo of themselves.
Hannah’s drone is 240g and class C0.
Sofia’s drone is 8kg class C3.
Which of them is allowed to briefly fly their drone over the group of friends? Answer – Both of them, as long as their friends have agreed it’s OK and they fly safely.

Question 11

Gareth is at a party with a group of friends.
He decides to drop some water balloons from his drone.
Is he allowed to do this? Answer – No, you must never drop anything from a drone or model aircraft.

Question 12

Raj has an 8kg drone.
He flies his drone at a height of 80m in the countryside.
What should he do to make sure he keeps flying safely. Answer – Increase the horizontal distance from any people who are not with him to about 80m.

Question 13

Gerry buys a C1 class drone that is 550g.
He changes the rotor blades and adds new motors that use less power.
Does that affect the category of flying Gerry can do? Answer – Yes, now that the drone has been modified, Gerry must follow the rules for aircraft above 250g

Question 14

Which of these would be the best way to check if there are any restrictions on whether you can fly at a particular place? Answer – Look on a drone app

Question 15

Which of these is the main reason it is not safe to fly above the legal height limit for drones and model aircraft? Answer – Most other aircraft normally fly above the height limit for drones and model aircraft, so not flying above that height reduces the risk of meeting another aircraft.

Question 16

Matt, Tim and Rory are in the countryside.
The three friends head off to fly their drones, which are all above 4kg and class C3.
They notice a number of people rambling in the open countryside nearby. Which of the friends flies safely? Answer – Tim walks along a public footpath in a neighbouring field until he’s at least 50m away from anyone before starting to fly. He avoids flying over anyone.

Question 17

Which of the following must you check so that you can fly safely? Answer – That your drone has enough fuel or battery power to last through your planned flight

Question 18

Three friends are talking about taking their drones and model aircraft to fly in an empty field near to an airport. The field is outside the fence that marks the airport’s boundary.
Which of the friends is correct? Answer – Ben says: “We must check that the field is outside the airport’s flight restriction zone before we fly.”

Question 19

You’re out flying in the countryside.
Suddenly, you notice an air ambulance flying in the direction of your drone or model aircraft.
What should you do? Answer – Hover at around 10m or land. Then wait until it’s safe to continue with your flight.

Question 20

Which of these best describes the open A1 and A3 subcategories of drone and model aircraft flying? Answer – Basic, low-risk flying.

Question 21

What must you do if you’re responsible for several drones or model aircraft that require an operator ID? Answer – Label every drone or model aircraft you’re responsible for with the same operator ID

Question 22

Ameen is an experienced mountain biker and drone enthusiast. His drone does not have follow-me mode.
He decides to have a go at flying his drone while slowly cycling along a familiar track that he knows very well.
Is he allowed to do this? Answer – No, you must never fly while you could be distracted by another activity.

Question 23

Which of the following sites are likely to be protected by restricted airspace that will mean you cannot fly a drone or model aircraft around or over them without permission from them? Answer – Military ranges and royal palaces.

Question 24

When must you always have insurance for flying your drone or model aircraft? Answer – If you want to fly for payment or for work.

Question 25

Stefan wants to fly his drone close to a tree in his garden to film some blackbirds that are nesting there.
Can he do this? Answer – No, because you must not disturb or endanger animals and wildlife with your drone or model aircraft.

Question 26

Why should you keep your drone’s built-in software (firmware) updated, in line with the manufacturer’s instructions? Answer – So that your drone performs in the way the manufacturer intends.

Question 27

Which of the following is one of the things you should check to make sure you can legally fly at a location? Answer – Whether there are any local bylaws that mean you’re not allowed to fly from there.

Question 28

Max flies his drone behind a group of tall trees.
His drone is out of sight until it comes out the other side.
Is this safe? Answer – No, because he must be able to see his drone at all times.

Question 29

Elsa has a 240g, class C0, drone.
Nick has a 6kg, class C3, drone.
 They head to a local park.
 Which of them can fly in this recreational area? Answer – Elsa with her 240g, class C0, drone.

Question 30

Andrea realises she’s accidentally recorded some video through a neighbour’s window when filming with her drone.
What is Andrea allowed to do with the video? Answer – Share the video online after deleting the part with her neighbour in it.

Question 31

Which of the following can you fly within a residential area? Answer – Any drone or model aircraft below 250g, including C0 and C1 class.

Question 32

What is the legal height limit for flying a drone or model aircraft? Answer – 120m


Question 33

Theo has model aircraft that’s over 5kg.
What horizontal distance must he be from a residential, recreational, commercial or industrial area when he flies? Answer – 150m


Question 34

What should you do if you want to fly beyond the rules of the Drone and Model Aircraft Code? Answer – Make sure you have the right authorisation before you fly.

Question 35

You’re planning to go flying in some nearby countryside with a C2 drone over 1kg.
When you look at a map, it looks like part of your flight will go over a busy motorway.
Are you allowed to fly over the motorway? Answer – No, because you must never fly over people, including people in transport.

Question 36

Marco’s drone is over 250g.
He’s out flying in the countryside and there is nobody out and about.
He wants to fly his drone over a nearby holiday cottage. There’s a car parked outside and it looks like people could be inside the cottage.
Is he allowed to fly over the cottage? Answer – No, because it looks like there are people inside and he must not fly his drone over people who are not with him even if they’re inside a building.

Question 37

Ciaran is out flying his drone at a height of 40m.
It’s a very blustery day and a group of Scouts are camping 50m away.
What should Ciaran consider so that he keeps his flight safe? Answer – As the weather conditions are windy, he needs to increase the horizontal distance between his drone and the Scouts to more than 50m.

Question 38

You’re out flying a drone in an area you know well.
It’s January and you start to get worried that you might lose sight of your drone in the glare of the low winter sun.
What should you do? Answer – Steadily fly your drone back towards you until you’re sure you can see it. Then re-assess before deciding whether to carry on.

Question 39

Which one of the following statements about people who see you using a camera on your drone or model aircraft is true? Answer – They may be worried about their privacy being invaded.

Question 40

Maddie agrees to be Lydia’s observer when they’re out flying.
Maddie stands at the opposite end of a large field after telling Lydia this position will give her the best view of the area.
Is Maddie right? Answer – No, because if you use an observer, you must always stand next to each other.



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